Waste Recycling: What Are The Benefits To Planet Earth?

18 January 2018
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As the volume of waste generated by homeowners and businesses across Australia continues to increase by the day, rubbish removal companies are constantly under pressure to ensure safe and environmentally friendly disposal of the garbage they pick up from their clients' properties. One of the interventions currently being used to minimise the environmental impact of waste disposal is to recycle waste materials. 

Simply put, waste recycling is the process through which waste materials are processed for reuse. The waste materials collected from various properties is hauled to a waste transfer facility where all the materials are sorted and separated into two major categories: recyclable materials and non-recyclable materials. The recyclable materials are cleaned up and taken to a waste recycling plant for recycling. The non-recyclables, on the other hand, are transported and deposited at the landfill, where waste items can be buried.

Now that you have an inside scoop on what waste recycling is, read on below to learn about the ecological benefits it comes with.

Conserving land

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of waste recycling is that some of the waste that would otherwise end up being buried at a landfill site is turned into new, useful products. This helps save space in existing landfills, but also reduces the need to convert more productive land into landfill sites in the future. Given that the supply of land is fixed, it is vital to ensure the available land is utilised in the most productive manner.

Saving on raw materials and energy

By encouraging the conversion of waste materials into new products, waste recycling helps to increase the useful life of waste materials. In other words, waste that could have been landfilled is given a new lease of life. This, in turn, helps save raw materials and reduce energy consumption associated with producing new products from virgin raw materials. 

Minimising pollution

Increased manufacture of new products from virgin raw materials increases energy consumption, but also increases pollution. The exhaust emissions and spillages that may occur while machines are being operated can lead to environmental degradation. Recycling waste minimises the need for these production activities, thus aiding in reduction of environmental pollution. 

Now that you are informed about some of the essential environmental benefits that waste recycling has to offer, you should consider enlisting the services of a rubbish removal company that recycles waste. It is important to ensure your waste is disposed of in a manner that is good for the environment.