Domestic Bin Hire: Consider Hiring Bins With Lids For Your Organic Garbage Removals

18 November 2016
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There are many reasons to hire a skip bin at home. Apart from removing garbage such as construction waste or garage trash, you may also want to get rid of organic waste. Examples of organic waste here include farming manure, yard waste (e.g. leaves, weeds, grass or tree branches), and food waste from your kitchen. If the waste you want to remove via the skip bin is indeed organic, you may want to consider hiring a bin that has a lid for a number of reasons.

Trap the foul smells where they belong

Organic waste has one major shortcoming; it will start to decompose very soon. And when that happens, the waste will start to produce bad smells. Now considering that the bin is placed in your compound, such foul smells could really put a damper on the ambience in your property. And even if you have the bin placed outside on the sidewalk where the foul smells won't affect you; note that other people (neighbours or pedestrians) may get affected. A lid will help to trap the foul smells inside the bin (for the most part).

Keep unwanted pests away

When it comes to organic waste, pests cannot help but try to get a piece of it. For yard waste, ants and termites will come along. For food waste, ants, roaches, raccoons, squirrels, birds, cats, and even flies will invite themselves into your bin for the 'party'. Needless to say, you really don't want pests invading a bin that is sitting on your compound. Not only is the image an eyesore, such pests are likely to later try and move into your home. However, if the bin has a lid, you will manage to keep most of them (if not all) out.

Avoid a messy downpour in your bins

There is one other factor that you need to consider when hiring a skip bin for your organic waste—rain. If it rains and your open skip bin is sitting outside full of decaying organic waste, the water will fill the bin, and not only is that unpleasant, the rainwater might overflow and create a mess all over your lawn, driveway or front porch. But if you have a lid in place, it will keep the water out and save you all the trouble.

If you cannot find a skip bin with a lid, you can improvise at home. You can use different materials such as plastic bags, cardboard, plastic sheeting, metal sheeting or timber boards to cover the bins if you feel that the above-mentioned threats are around the corner.