Run a small business? Follow these steps to rent a skip bin

21 June 2016
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When you run a small business, there may come a time when you need to rent a skip bin. This is a type of dumpster that allows you to get rid of waste, including remodeling waste, yard waste, and even recyclable materials. Here are some steps required to rent your skip bin.

Decide on the Type and Size

The first step to renting a skip bin is deciding exactly what type of bin you need. This is dependent on the type of work you are doing for your business, and what size you think you might need. First choose what type of bin you need. There are bins specifically meant for remodeling waste and moving waste, such as if you are moving to a new building and you need to throw away trash collected from the old offices, or if you are remodeling a bathroom in your commercial building. Then there are bins for yard waste, such as if you are doing some landscaping on your property. You may also need a bin for recyclable materials if you might have electronics or computer equipment to get rid of.

The size is important because you waste money if you get one that is too big, but you end up spending more if it is too small, since it requires multiple trips. For example, if you are remodeling all of your offices, you probably one of the larger sizes. For a small amount of yardwork, a smaller yard waste bin should be sufficient. If you're having trouble figuring out which size is best, the skip bin company can help you decide.

Choose Where to Park the Dumpster

This is the next important step for three reasons: to instruct the skip bin company on where it will go, to give you time to move any obstacles in the way, and to decide if you need a permit. First of all, if you have a parking lot that is only for your building, you might be able to park the bin there and have no issues. This is your commercial property, so your employees should be the only ones bothered by it being parked there. However, if you rent one office in a larger building, you will need permission to park the bin there, which is why you need to decide this now. If, for some reason, it has to be parked on the street, you might need to get a building permit.

Make Arrangements For the Skip Bin

The final step is to make the last arrangements for having the skip bin dropped off. You can either keep it on your property during all the work or renovations, or only use it on the final day to put all the waste in and have it picked up. If you leave it on your property until the work is done, you just need to call up the skip bin hire company when you're ready to have it picked up.