Some Questions to Ask When Considering a Commercial Skip Bin Rental

28 April 2016
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Most businesses need to rent a commercial skip bin for long-term use; even offices need a bin for emptying their trash on a regular basis so the space is neat and tidy, and of course production facilities, apartment complexes, and other such businesses produce a tremendous amount of refuse every week and month. Before you rent a commercial skip bin, you want to ensure you're getting the right one and know what's involved in the rental. Note a few questions to ask an agency when picking out a bin and rental arrangement.

1. Always ask if there are restrictions about what is put in the bin

In some cases, you may not be able to add building materials and items like lawn clippings, much less hazardous materials, asbestos, cooking oils, and the like. Flammable materials may also be limited, and they may not permit large items like mattresses and furniture pieces. Don't assume that even a heavy-duty commercial skip bin can hold everything, but ask for a list of restricted items or note if you should get a second bin that does hold items you toss regularly. For example, an apartment complex might have a second, oversized bin for furniture and such pieces in addition to your regular bin.

2. Note any fill line on the bin

Typically, a bin will be able to be filled to a certain line on the bin, and overfilling it can mean added fees or even having a driver refuse to collect the bin. Ask the rental agency about the fill line on the bin and note if the bin would be large enough once it gets filled entirely, rather than assuming you can fill it with anything it can hold without actually spilling.

3. Ask if it can be moved

Never assume you can or should move a skip bin; even in a facility where you have a forklift and you think your staff can safely move the bin from one area to another, this may be restricted by your bin rental agency. They may not be able to get their truck to another part of your facility for pickup, and they may want to protect their bin from potential damage that can be caused by having someone move it improperly. If you feel you might ever need to move a bin, ask if there is one on wheels you can get and if you're allowed to move it yourself or should have the agency come and move it for you when necessary.

For more information about commercial skip bins, contact a local bin hire company.