Dealing With Heavy Rubbish and Garbage Removal: Tips for Everybody

Domestic Bin Hire: Consider Hiring Bins With Lids For Your Organic Garbage Removals

There are many reasons to hire a skip bin at home. Apart from removing garbage such as construction waste or garage trash, you may also want to get rid of organic waste. Examples of organic waste here include farming manure, yard waste (e.g. leaves, weeds, grass or tree branches), and food waste from your kitchen. If the waste you want to remove via the skip bin is indeed organic, you may want to consider hiring a bin that has a lid for a number of reasons.

Trap the foul smells where they belong

Organic waste has one major shortcoming; it will start to decompose very soon. And when that happens, the waste will start to produce bad smells. Now considering that the bin is placed in your compound, such foul smells could really put a damper on the ambience in your property. And even if you have the bin placed outside on the sidewalk where the foul smells won’t affect you; note that other people (neighbours or pedestrians) may get affected. A lid will help to trap the foul smells inside the bin (for the most part).

Keep unwanted pests away

When it comes to organic waste, pests cannot help but try to get a piece of it. For yard waste, ants and termites will come along. For food waste, ants, roaches, raccoons, squirrels, birds, cats, and even flies will invite themselves into your bin for the ‘party’. Needless to say, you really don’t want pests invading a bin that is sitting on your compound. Not only is the image an eyesore, such pests are likely to later try and move into your home. However, if the bin has a lid, you will manage to keep most of them (if not all) out.

Avoid a messy downpour in your bins

There is one other factor that you need to consider when hiring a skip bin for your organic waste—rain. If it rains and your open skip bin is sitting outside full of decaying organic waste, the water will fill the bin, and not only is that unpleasant, the rainwater might overflow and create a mess all over your lawn, driveway or front porch. But if you have a lid in place, it will keep the water out and save you all the trouble.

If you cannot find a skip bin with a lid, you can improvise at home. You can use different materials such as plastic bags, cardboard, plastic sheeting, metal sheeting or timber boards to cover the bins if you feel that the above-mentioned threats are around the corner.  

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Run a small business? Follow these steps to rent a skip bin

When you run a small business, there may come a time when you need to rent a skip bin. This is a type of dumpster that allows you to get rid of waste, including remodeling waste, yard waste, and even recyclable materials. Here are some steps required to rent your skip bin.

Decide on the Type and Size

The first step to renting a skip bin is deciding exactly what type of bin you need. This is dependent on the type of work you are doing for your business, and what size you think you might need. First choose what type of bin you need. There are bins specifically meant for remodeling waste and moving waste, such as if you are moving to a new building and you need to throw away trash collected from the old offices, or if you are remodeling a bathroom in your commercial building. Then there are bins for yard waste, such as if you are doing some landscaping on your property. You may also need a bin for recyclable materials if you might have electronics or computer equipment to get rid of.

The size is important because you waste money if you get one that is too big, but you end up spending more if it is too small, since it requires multiple trips. For example, if you are remodeling all of your offices, you probably one of the larger sizes. For a small amount of yardwork, a smaller yard waste bin should be sufficient. If you’re having trouble figuring out which size is best, the skip bin company can help you decide.

Choose Where to Park the Dumpster

This is the next important step for three reasons: to instruct the skip bin company on where it will go, to give you time to move any obstacles in the way, and to decide if you need a permit. First of all, if you have a parking lot that is only for your building, you might be able to park the bin there and have no issues. This is your commercial property, so your employees should be the only ones bothered by it being parked there. However, if you rent one office in a larger building, you will need permission to park the bin there, which is why you need to decide this now. If, for some reason, it has to be parked on the street, you might need to get a building permit.

Make Arrangements For the Skip Bin

The final step is to make the last arrangements for having the skip bin dropped off. You can either keep it on your property during all the work or renovations, or only use it on the final day to put all the waste in and have it picked up. If you leave it on your property until the work is done, you just need to call up the skip bin hire company when you’re ready to have it picked up. 

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Some Questions to Ask When Considering a Commercial Skip Bin Rental

Most businesses need to rent a commercial skip bin for long-term use; even offices need a bin for emptying their trash on a regular basis so the space is neat and tidy, and of course production facilities, apartment complexes, and other such businesses produce a tremendous amount of refuse every week and month. Before you rent a commercial skip bin, you want to ensure you’re getting the right one and know what’s involved in the rental. Note a few questions to ask an agency when picking out a bin and rental arrangement.

1. Always ask if there are restrictions about what is put in the bin

In some cases, you may not be able to add building materials and items like lawn clippings, much less hazardous materials, asbestos, cooking oils, and the like. Flammable materials may also be limited, and they may not permit large items like mattresses and furniture pieces. Don’t assume that even a heavy-duty commercial skip bin can hold everything, but ask for a list of restricted items or note if you should get a second bin that does hold items you toss regularly. For example, an apartment complex might have a second, oversized bin for furniture and such pieces in addition to your regular bin.

2. Note any fill line on the bin

Typically, a bin will be able to be filled to a certain line on the bin, and overfilling it can mean added fees or even having a driver refuse to collect the bin. Ask the rental agency about the fill line on the bin and note if the bin would be large enough once it gets filled entirely, rather than assuming you can fill it with anything it can hold without actually spilling.

3. Ask if it can be moved

Never assume you can or should move a skip bin; even in a facility where you have a forklift and you think your staff can safely move the bin from one area to another, this may be restricted by your bin rental agency. They may not be able to get their truck to another part of your facility for pickup, and they may want to protect their bin from potential damage that can be caused by having someone move it improperly. If you feel you might ever need to move a bin, ask if there is one on wheels you can get and if you’re allowed to move it yourself or should have the agency come and move it for you when necessary.

For more information about commercial skip bins, contact a local bin hire company. 

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Situations When You May Require Cheap Bin Hire

Everybody has trash to get rid of. Whether it is at home or at your office, there will be things that you will need to be disposed of on a regular basis. Some people may opt to simply use trash bags, but this is not the most hygienic way to go about it. If you would like a convenient way to get rid of your trash, you should consider cheap bin hire. Here are some of the instances when you may consider cheap bin hire for your convenience.

Cleaning your garage or your basement

Most people will use the garage or the basement as a storage area. Since these spaces are not used on a regular basis, they tend to collect useless items over the years, not to mention dirt and dust as well. At some point, you will need to clean them out and organize your things. The items that are still functional could be given away to charity or sold off at a garage sale. However, what happens to the items that are broken or too old to be used anymore? You will have to get rid of them. Cheap bin hire would be the most convenient option, as you get to declutter your garage without worrying about disposing of the waste. This is much better than setting them aside somewhere else waiting for your regular trash collection day to arrive.

Construction projects

If you are planning to embark on some construction, whether you are a homeowner or perhaps a contractor, cheap bin hire will come in quite handy. Construction projects tend to involve a lot of debris as well as waste material, and having this service will make the project much easier, as you will have a designated place to throw away any of the debris that is in the way without having to worry about collection.

Moving house

One of the most involved projects that you can take in is moving house. This is when you realize all the clutter that you have accumulated over the years that is no longer useful to you. In most cases, people tend to put the things they do not need in storage. Although this may seem convenient, it is not cost effective. By opting for cheap bin hire, you have the chance of getting rid of all the things that you do not need while you are moving, thus ensuring you go into your new home without any clutter. A professional company offering this service will ensure all the trash is hauled off in one go rather than having to carry it with you or leaving it at your former residence.

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